The Worst Lawyer Billboards I could find online

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If we are going to talk about ads that leave a “black mark” on the profession, Ms. Patel and Ms. Wares are clearly in the “safe” camp compared to some of these terrible lawyer billboards that are leading contenders for the “black mark of the year” award. With limited commentary, enjoy.

This guy probably graduated top of his class from law school.  Clearly an up and comer – he’s on a billboard, you know.


So we shouldn’t hire lawyers just because they are on a billboard – except for this firm.  I love that they are “award-winning lawyers.”  Of what?  Worst billboard of the year?  Don’t worry, an award of that sort may be imminent.


I’m not sure how much commentary is needed for this one.  Do you really want an ape handling your lawsuit for you?


Seriously?  Did this guy actually sit down in his office one day and think that dressing like a pirate is going to get him more criminal defense clients?  Maybe pirates are his target demographic? I used to live in Tampa, and last I checked, they no longer have pirates docked in the bay…


Notice that this guy is rolling up his sleeves… Getting ready to have a throw-down in the courtroom?  Maybe across the conference room table at mediation?


This might be my favorite.  At least she’s honest (because most other lawyers aren’t, right?)


No words.  Just awesome.


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