LMME 023 : Using Pay-Per-Click Ads to build a list of loyal, raving fans


10 ways to boost your law firm web trafficIn today’s episode, I will discuss how you can build a list of loyal, raving fans using pay-per-click ads, specifically Google Adwords and/or Facebook Ads in conjunction with a powerful lead magnet and a service such as LeadPages.


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Items Mentioned in the Podcast

In this particular episode, you will learn:

The process I follow to bring clients to my firm and build my list of raving fans, including:

  1. The biggest mistake that most lawyers make with their pay-per-click advertising.
  2. What the goal of your pay-per-click ad campaign should be.
  3. The differences between Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.
  4. Why PPC ads are such a powerful way to advertise.
  5. The three “E’s” that you must consider when sending an email to a prospect.
  6. The ONE thing you MUST DO before you start your PPC campaign.
  7. How to create a giveaway that is sure to convince your prospects to give you permission to follow-up with them.
  8. Why a good opt-in page is a must.
  9. How to ethically “steal” or “swipe” language from other professionals that you can use in your opt-in page.
  10. The appropriate number of touches you should have with a prospect after they sign up for your list.

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