LMME 049 : How to Create Automated Webinars for your Law Firm

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automated webinarsToday’s episode is all about how to create automated webinars for your law firm.  That’s right, I said automate.    Automation is the key to all good marketing – especially when it comes to marketing a law firm.  Webinars are no different.

When it comes to automating a webinar it is simply a matter of preparing and perfecting one single presentation, then using automation software to make that same presentation, over and over again – even while you are in court, meeting with clients, or perhaps even snoozing away on vacation on some sunny beach.

Special thanks to John Skiba for his JDBlogger Podcast, giving me the idea to do a podcast on webinars.

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Items Mentioned in the Podcast

In this particular episode, you will learn how to create automated webinars, including:

How to prepare and automate a webinar for your law firm using Evergreen Business Systems.  In addition, we discuss:

  1. Why AUTOMATED webinars are so cool
  2. Why you should use Evergreen Business Systems to automate your webinars
  3. How to provide “premium” webinars for a fee
  4. Why split testing your landing page is so important
  5. How automated webinars will help to build your email list
  6. Why and how to simulate live polls on your automated webinar
  7. How to receive feedback on your webinars so that you can make future presentations even better
  8. How to conduct a live chat on an automated webinar – yes, it is possible!

CLICK HERE to watch a free demo of a automated webinar in action.

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