LMME 046 : 5 Mental Roadblocks that are Keeping you from True Success

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5 mental roadblocksToday’s episode is a little different from normal.  Today we will discuss mindset issues. Specifically, we are going to address, head-on, the 5 major mental roadblocks that are keeping you from realizing true success in your law firm.


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Items Mentioned in the Podcast

In this particular episode, you will learn:

The 5 mental roadblocks that are keeping you from true success in your law firm, including:

  1. How a childhood experience could be hurting your business now.
  2. The single biggest hurdle that is keeping most lawyers from starting their own firm.
  3. A resource you can use to begin the process of re-wiring your brain for success.
  4. How the people you hang out with could be keeping you down.
  5. What to do if your friends and family are not supportive.
  6. What Jim Rohn has to say about your friends.
  7. How listening to podcasts (this one in particular) can lead you to success.
  8. How the clients you choose (or fail to choose) can dictate your financial success.
  9. Why the wrong clients can lead you to bankruptcy.
  10. Why it is so important to write down your goals.
  11. An approach you can use to start working on your goals today.
  12. What you need to do every single day to push your law firm forward.

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