LMME 041 : Hey Lawyers… Does Branding = Bullshit?

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Branding = Bullshit?Yes, you heard that right – does branding = bullshit?  If you are a lawyer, you should be paying attention to this podcast, as I will be discussing why I believe that branding is bullshit (thank you Joe Polish for inspiring this podcast).  I’ll also discuss 4 reasons that we, as lawyers, should ignore branding and what we should be doing with our time and marketing dollars instead.


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Items Mentioned in the Podcast

Joe Polish interview’s Jeff Madoff on Branding:

In this particular episode, you will learn:

The 4 reasons that you should avoid spending time and money on building a “brand” for your law firm, including:

  1. The Definition of branding.
  2. Why marketing consultants typically push branding on lawyers, even though this form of marketing is completely ineffective.
  3. The biggest reason that lawyers should not spend money on branding.
  4. The most important thing that lawyers must do when they start a law practice.
  5. A huge mistake that I made when I first opened my own law practice.
  6. Why you need to get in front of clients and referral sources, and why branding will not help you do this.
  7. Ideas that you can implement immediately to get clients into your law practice.
  8. One of the main things you should ask your clients and prospects about when you first start your practice, regardless of your practice area.
  9. Why creating a client-centered office is so important, and how brand building will not help you do this.
  10. What client’s care about and how you can attract more of them by focusing on this one thing.

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