LMME 037 : Which Phases of the Client Life Cycle are you Ignoring to the Detriment of your Law Practice?

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client life cycleIn today’s podcast, I talk about the three phases of the client life cycle.  Surprisingly enough, many lawyers ignore at least 2 out of the 3 phases of the client life cycle, and in so doing leave thousands of dollars of revenue on the table.  Are you ignoring any of these phases?


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Items Mentioned in the Podcast

In this particular episode, you will learn:

  1. The three main stages of the client life cycle.
  2. One BIG mistake that many lawyers make in the client life cycle.
  3. How the first stage of the client life cycle can set up your firm for success.
  4. How fixing your roof is no different from hiring a lawyer – from a marketing standpoint.
  5. The one stage of the client life cycle that lawyers focus on to the detriment of the others.
  6. The tools you must use to drive prospects to your firm.
  7. Why trying to sell prospects in person is a losing proposition.
  8. How to pre-sell clients on your firm so that they are compelled to call you and hire you.
  9. How an attorney in Kansas City has done a fantastic job of marketing his practice.
  10. Different ways to compel prospects to reach out to your firm, effortlessly.
  11. Why it is so important to make it easy for the client to work with your firm.
  12. What one thing you can do to insure that your client loves your law firm, and when to do it to maximize its effect.
  13. Why the third stage of the client life cycle is the most important (and often most neglected) stage to orchestrate referrals.
  14. Why offline newsletters are so important to building client relationships.

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