LMME 036 : How to Orchestrate More Referrals to Your Law Firm

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10 ways to boost your law firm web traffic

If you are looking to orchestrate more referrals to your law practice, this is the episode for you. Whether you are just starting out on your own with a solo practice or you already have an established law practice that you are looking to kick into high gear, this episode will have the information you need to really ramp up referrals to your law firm.

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Items Mentioned in the Podcast

I owe a great debt of gratitude to Dean Jackson and Joe Polish from I Love Marketing for laying the framework for this episode. Their I Love Marketing podcast is fantastic, and I highly recommend it to my listeners.

In addition, here were some of the other resources that were mentioned today:

In this particular episode, you will learn:

Here are some of the many things you will learn in today’s podcast about how to Orchestrate more referrals to your law firm:

  1. At what point in the client life-cycle referrals are most likely to happen;
  2. What elements must be present to make sure that referrals will occur;
  3. Why it is important to attract the right clients to your firm to maximize the referrals you receive;
  4. The referral marketing myths that doom referrals for most lawyers;
  5. The three different kinds of referrals, and which ones are the best;
  6. How to take control of the referral process so that you can “orchestrate” or control the referrals you receive;
  7. Why list-building is so important to generating referrals;
  8. Mindset issues that keep lawyers from generating referrals to their law practice;
  9. Why it is so important to ask for referrals, even though you might not want to;
  10. The main reason that most people will refer you – and it’s not what you think;
  11. Strategies that you can use to immediately start bringing in more referrals to your law firm; and,
  12. The best strategy for staying on the top of the mind of your clients and best referral sources…

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