LMME 031 : Josh Brown talks about how niching his law practice has lead to his success

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Josh BrownThis week I had the great pleasure to interview Josh Brown, a franchise and entrepreneur lawyer who has also successfully launched a top-rated podcast for his law firm – Franchise Euphoria.  Josh helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into businesses and businesses into franchises.  In todays show, Josh will talk about his journey into solo practice and the fears and obstacles that he had to overcome along the way.  This is a great episode for anyone currently working as an associate at a law firm that wants a little extra nudge to take the plunge into their own solo practice.

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Items Mentioned in the Podcast

Josh’s Inspirational Quote

“The Journey is the reward.” – Steve Jobs

Josh’s big failure…

His biggest failure was getting fired from his law firm job.  Other, ancillary failures include spending thousands and thousands of dollars on technology, software and virtual assistants that didn’t work for his law firm when he was first starting out.

Josh knew everything was going to be ok when…

His first “a-ha” moment was when he decided to niche himself with franchise law.  His next “a-ha” moment was when he finally started to tie in his online and offline marketing efforts with his franchising niche.

Online marketing + offline marketing + niche practice = Success

What held Josh back from starting a law firm?

The fear of failure.

What was the best business advice Josh ever received?

When his Dad told him that the worst thing that could happen if he started his own firm is that if he failed, he could just go back to working at “another crappy law firm.”

What is one personal habit that contributes to Josh’s success?

He is tenacious and inquisitive.  He is also open to meeting and talking to other people.  Being interested in other people has been a huge part of his success.

What are one or two internet tools and resource Josh recommends?

There are two tools that Josh loves, the first is Ruby Receptionists.  The second is SalesForce, which he uses for marketing and case management.

What book does Josh recommend to anyone starting a law firm?

Josh loves the E-Myth Revisited, by Michael Gerber.  He previously interviewed Mr. Gerber on his own franchising podcast.

What would Josh do if he had to start over from scratch?

The first thing Josh would do is go out and purchase a URL from GoDaddy and set up a blog in a practice area that he was interested in. With the remainder of the money, he would find some key players in his geographic area, take them to coffee or lunch, and try to leverage what those people are doing in the community to help himself get introduced to more people.

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  1. Josh brown says

    Thanks Jim for conducting a fantastic interview! Really enjoyed being on your show and really like what you are doing with the podcast! Keep up the great work

    • jameshartlaw says

      No – thank you Josh! Just checked the stats today, you must have done a great job promoting because this was one of my most-downloaded episodes to date. Congratulations!

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