LMME 028 : 8 Major Struggles I’m currently dealing with in Life and in My Law Firm

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major strugglesI’ve got a lot going on in my life right now.  A new baby, a new legal assistant, moving office space, my Mother’s cancer… With all of these issues (which I’m confident are not unique to me), come a number of struggles that I’m currently dealing with.  In this episode I break down 8 major issues that I am struggling with in my life and in my law practice right now.  This episode is more personal than most of my podcasts – I hope you enjoy it.

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Items and Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

Here’s what you will learn in this podcast:

  1. 5 things that I am NOT struggling with right now.
  2. How I’ve managed to tame my email inbox with 2 awesome plugins and a little self-discipline.
  3. 2 tools I use regularly to keep myself from playing the role of fireman in my law office.
  4. How MyCase Case Management software keeps me up-to-date on all of my legal cases.
  5. My favorite iPhone app for keeping myself in shape.
  6. The progress of Academy 101 and why you should consider joining this ever-growing community.
  7. Why hiring great employees is not the end of the road.
  8. The tools I am using to train my new legal assistant.
  9. Why I was forced to move at the end of next week against my will (and no, I’m not getting evicted!)
  10. Why being an “untethered lawyer” won’t help me with a baby at home.
  11. What I’m going to do about my case of Superhero Syndrome in the next month.
  12. 3 awesome tools I use to develop systems and processes for my law office.
  13. Why I’m currently struggling to write on a regular basis, and what I’m going to do about it.
  14. How I’m dealing with my Mother’s cancer diagnosis.
  15. One of the biggest fears that holds many attorneys back from reaching their true potential.

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