LMME 027 : Gerry Oginski, How to use video to market your law practice

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Gerry OginskiGerry Oginski is a medical malpractice attorney in Great Neck, New York, and the founder of the Lawyers Video Studio. Gerry is one of the first lawyers to use YouTube to market his law practice, and is currently publishing 2-3 videos per DAY to his YouTube channel, which now boasts over 1,200 videos!

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Items and Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

Inspirational Quote

“Always take imperfect action”

What was a major failure that Gerry had to deal with?

When Gerry first started on his own, he had no idea how to market his law firm. He was doing a good job resolving the cases he had, but as he resolved cases, he wasn’t getting new cases in. When Gerry finally did starting marketing his firm, he did the same thing that all the other attorneys in his market did (took out a big yellow pages ad), but he didn’t know what to do to make himself unique.  He soon realized that if something didn’t change, he would be bankrupt…

Gerry’s “Ah-ha” moment

In 2005, Gerry started to learn about “education-based marketing” and he began to use his website to teach the public about medical malpractice cases. It was then that he started writing regularly for his law firm website.

A couple of years later, YouTube was started and Gerry started by creating videos that would teach the public about medical malpractice cases. He was the first attorney in the country to market his law practice using YouTube in this fashion.

Here is Gerry’s first video on YouTube, aptly titled “How to Hire a Medical Malpractice Attorney in New York”:

Gerry realized that the more great, valuable content he put on his website, the more his prospective clients would keep coming back over and over and over again.

Gerry is now approaching 1,200 videos total uploaded to YouTube. He now creates 2-3 videos per day. He also regularly writes 300-500 word articles (2-3 per day) for his website. He highly recommends using a tool like dragon dictate to make this faster and he will proof-read the articles later.

The benefits of using video to market your law practice

Over the years, as a result of all the content Gerry puts out, he has learned to be a better, more concise communicator with clients, juries, and the courts. He can now convey a more concise message to the public as a result of producing all of this content.

Gerry’s Million-Dollar Strategy (one of many he teaches his students)

Don’t just report on news stories or real-life events in your videos. Instead, report on the news story or event and then take another step to use the event as a teaching moment.  Explain and teach what someone in a similar situation as the person in the news story would have to do to win their legal case. You can talk about practices and procedures without giving legal advice, staying within the ethical guidelines, and creating trust and building credibility with your audience.

Here is a great an example of how Gerry has used a tv program on the History Channel to give advice on how to negotiate a personal injury settlement:

The Lawyers Video Studio

The Lawyers Video Studio was started in 2009 for Gerry to teach other lawyers how to create video for their law firm. Not only will he teach lawyers how to do this, but he will also fly around the country to help the lawyers film, edit, and produce the video as well. They will shoot 50 videos in one day – a truly fantastic value.

What Gerry likes most about having his own law firm

The freedom to do what he wants and not have to answer to anyone but his clients. He loves having a “lifestyle” practice.

What was holding Gerry back from starting his own law firm?

He didn’t have a bank.

What is the best business advice he ever received?

Always take imperfect action.  What this means is that taking any action, no matter how small or “inperfect” is better than taking no action at all.

A personal habit that Gerry has that contributes to his success?

Writing every single day and creating video on a consistent basis.

What one or two internet tools and resources do you use in your law firm?

Gerry loves his web guy, Foster Web Marketing, and uses Google Calendar regularly.

What book does Gerry recommend to our listeners?

We covered three books in this segment – and links can be found at the beginning of the show notes:

  • No B.S. Time Management, by Dan Kennedy
  • The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson
  • The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy

If you had to start over from scratch, what would you do?

Start a website and write 20 articles and create 20 videos.

Parting piece of guidance

Start doing something – don’t sit around and wait for something to happen for you.

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