LMME 016a : Tampa Family Law Attorney Christian Denmon shares his secrets

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Tampa family Law attorney Christian DenmonThis is the first in a two-part interview that I conducted with Christian Denmon, a family law and criminal defense lawyer in Tampa, Florida.  Christian and I talked to so long about so many topics that I had to bread the interview down into two episodes. Among the topics discussed are how Christian became AV rated after only practicing 3 years, and why he hates billboards so much.


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Right click here to download the mp3 for part II of this interview, or click here to access the show notes page for part II.

Items Mentioned in the Podcast

Inspirational Quotes

  • “Where would you rather be than right here, right now” – Marv Levy, former coach of the Buffalo Bills
  • “I love getting up in the morning.  I clap my hands together and say, ‘this is going to be a great day!'”  – Dicky Fox from the movie Jerry Maguire

In this particular episode, you will learn:

The 10 simple ways that you can boost traffic to your law firm website – here’s a quick preview:

  1. How Christian became AV rated on Martindale-Hubbell after practicing for only 3 years.
  2. How Christian leveraged his speaking engagements, articles, etc. to create future marketing opportunities.
  3. The best ways to get invited to some of the more prestigious legal membership organizations.
  4. Different ways that you can market yourself while you are working as a State Attorney or Public Defender.
  5. When Christian first decided that he wanted to start a law firm and why he thinks we, as lawyers, have a huge advantage in business.
  6. Why Christian works with his wife and how he makes it work.
  7. Christian’s biggest failure while running his law firm and how it cost him a small fortune.
  8. How and when Christian first made the decision to hire an associate to help him, and why he thinks this was a great decision for his law practice (although he thinks he did not handle the decision correctly).
  9. The forms of marketing that worked the best for Christian when he first started his firm.
  10. The best referral sources for Christian’s law practice.
  11. How Christian built a thriving law practice while raising two children.
  12. How much time Christian spends marketing his practice (his answer may surprise you).

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