LMME 010 : Mital Patel, corporate lawyer and founder of Triangle Business Law

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North Carolina Corporate Lawyer Mital PatelMital Patel opened his law practice, Triangle Business Law, approximately 4 years ago. Triangle Business Law is a business transactional practice focusing on everything from technology start-ups to multi-national corporations that are looking to open a new office in North Carolina. Mital opened his practice almost immediately after graduating from Elon University Law School in 2006.

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How he got started

Mital was tweeting interesting articles about technology while he was still in law school. After he graduated, some of his Twitter followers reached out to him for legal help and he began his practice with his laptop and cell phone in his apartment.  Can’t get much more budget than that.

Major Failures

Mital describes his two biggest failures as 1) not charging high enough fees early on; and, 2) not bringing on additional staff soon enough, which hindered his growth.

Advice to Young Attorneys

Surround yourself with positive, successful lawyers that will build you up and give you confidence.

What Mital likes most about being a solo

Mital enjoys the autonomy of being a solo. He can work on the cases he wants, with the clients that he likes.  He loves his clients and the work he does for them.

Tools and Resources that Mital recommends

Mital had a huge list of resources that he recommends, including:

If Mital had to start from scratch, he would…

Take other lawyers that are running practices that are similar to his out to lunch.

Tip of the Week

Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, by John Lee Dumas.  This is a daily podcast where John interviews successful entrepreneurs and business owners about their successes, failures and everything in between.

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