What Dale Carnegie can teach us about building a law practice

This past week, I went back to the archives and read a book that I first read when I was in college. I have to say, I had forgotten what a profound impact this book had on me back then, and how it has changed my outlook and the way I treat people now. The […]

What Separates Successful Lawyers from Everyone Else?

The lawyer in me says that the first thing you need to do with a question like this is define exactly what it means to be a “successful lawyer”. Success means different things to different people, especially lawyers… What’s your definition of Success? To one lawyer, success might be having a multi-million dollar law practice […]

What is the Goal of your Law Firm Website?

When thinking about what the goal of your law firm website is, many lawyers would be tempted to think it is “to get more clients”… but they would be wrong. If you are building a website for your law firm and your primary goal is only to “get more clients” then you are fighting a […]

How to Attract More Paying Clients to Your Law Practice

I’ve been working extremely hard over the past several weeks to try to convince lawyers that 2014 is going to be the year of the Podcast. Yesterday I held my first Webinar in which I discussed why podcasting is such a tremendous opportunity for lawyers. Unfortunately, lawyers are a stubborn bunch… I received numerous responses […]

LMME 016b : Christian Denmon shares his secrets (Part II)

Today’s interview is the second half of my recent interview with Christian Denmon, an up and comer in the legal world from Tampa, Florida.  In today’s episode, we talk about everything from law office systems, to phones, to case management programs you should be using in your law office. Enjoy! Right click here to download […]

How to use sex in your legal marketing

There’s no denying that if done properly, sex appeal sells for the majority of businesses that choose to use it.  We’ve all seen sex-appeal used effectively to sell anything from beer and cars to fragrances and soft-drinks. But for lawyers? Come on. No way.  Can you actually use sex in your legal marketing strategy? We’ve […]

How safe is your online profile from negative reviews?

This post was originally conceived while I was answering a question from the Lawyers on G+ Community about whether or not you should upgrade to Avvo Pro from the basic Avvo account. As I began to write that post, I went back to Avvo to check my profile and the options I have as a […]

Should you upgrade to Avvo Pro?

If you are reading this post, my sincere hope is that we are beyond the whole “should I even claim my Avvo profile?” debate… It goes without saying that, in my opinion, you definitely should claim your profile and I presume you have at this point… 5 Benefits of Upgrading to Avvo Pro In my […]

7 Podcasting Secrets Every Lawyer Should Know

I started the Legal Marketing Made Easy Podcast just about three months ago. I did it for several reasons. First, I wanted to see just how easy/difficult it is to put together a podcast. Second, I wanted to see if I had the “voice” to make it work. Finally, I wanted to see if podcasting […]

5 Things that selling a car taught me about legal marketing

This past weekend, I sold my old car. If you follow this blog or my podcast at all, you know that one of my 2014 goals was to purchase a minivan before our third child is born in May. We purchased the minivan in December, leaving us with an extra vehicle. So now had to […]