LMME 036 : How to Orchestrate More Referrals to Your Law Firm

If you are looking to orchestrate more referrals to your law practice, this is the episode for you. Whether you are just starting out on your own with a solo practice or you already have an established law practice that you are looking to kick into high gear, this episode will have the information you […]

LMME 035 : How are you doing with your goals for 2014?

Today I wanted to take some time to review where I stand on my goals for 2014 (both personally and for the law firm), and share some news on where I see both Legal Marketing Made Easy and my Law Firm heading as we look to close out the year.  It’s really important to take […]

LMME 034 : How to Effectively use Permission Marketing to Build a Law Practice

Most lawyers don’t know about this dirty little secret called permission marketing.  In this week’s episode, we discuss how you can use their ignorance to your advantage. Also, time is running out!  If you haven’t already signed up for the 3-part FREE video series on advanced lawyer marketing, do so now! Click here to receive […]

LMME 033 : The Latest Facebook Redesign and what it means for your Law Practice

Today we are going to dig into the latest Facebook redesign and how you can put it to work for you on your law firm Facebook page. In addition, I’m proud to announce that the Legal Marketing Made Easy Academy is now in full-blown pre-launch mode.  In the next several days I will be releasing a […]

LMME 032 : How to build a successful law practice without working 100 hours a week

In today’s episode, I discuss how you can build a successful law practice without working 100 hours a week.  This is the trap most solo’s find themselves in.  They hang their shingle get some clients, and then the work never stops.  Before you know it, you are up at the crack of dawn to work […]

LMME 031 : Josh Brown talks about how niching his law practice has lead to his success

This week I had the great pleasure to interview Josh Brown, a franchise and entrepreneur lawyer who has also successfully launched a top-rated podcast for his law firm – Franchise Euphoria.  Josh helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into businesses and businesses into franchises.  In todays show, Josh will talk about his journey into solo practice and […]

LMME 030 : 6 Steps to Take in your Law Office When the Unexpected Happens

If you are a lawyer running your own law firm, it’s bound to happen.  Your assistant up and quits without notice, a big client fires you, you find out that one of your employees dropped the ball on a case, or you get called into court unexpectedly.  Whatever the situation, something unexpected will happen to […]

LMME 029 : 10 Law Firm Resources I Can’t Live Without

In today’s episode I’m going to be reviewing the 10 law firm resources that I absolutely, positively, could not be without in my law practice.  From case management programs, to virtual phone systems, I touch on all of them here.  As an added bonus, at the end of the podcast I review my honorable mentions […]

LMME 028 : 8 Major Struggles I’m currently dealing with in Life and in My Law Firm

I’ve got a lot going on in my life right now.  A new baby, a new legal assistant, moving office space, my Mother’s cancer… With all of these issues (which I’m confident are not unique to me), come a number of struggles that I’m currently dealing with.  In this episode I break down 8 major […]

LMME 027 : Gerry Oginski, How to use video to market your law practice

Gerry Oginski is a medical malpractice attorney in Great Neck, New York, and the founder of the Lawyers Video Studio. Gerry is one of the first lawyers to use YouTube to market his law practice, and is currently publishing 2-3 videos per DAY to his YouTube channel, which now boasts over 1,200 videos! Also, have […]