Calling for Nominations!

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I’m looking to profile five young attorneys on this blog in a future post.  Here are my requirements:

  1. They must be a solo attorney or a member of a small law firm;
  2. They must have a website that was launched on WordPress;
  3. They must have drafted the majority of the content for the website;
  4. They must have spent no more than $500 on hosting, premium themes, and outsourcing to Elance, odesk, etc. to build the site.
  5. They must be ranking well in the search engines (i.e. first page Google) for their niche keywords.

If you or someone you know meets these criteria, I’d love to here from you.  Here are a couple questions I’d appreciate you answering in your response:

  • Did you (at least initially) do all the work on your website yourself or did you hire someone?  If you hired someone, where did you find them and how much did you spend?
  • If you originally did the design and build on your own, have you since hired someone to do the layout and design or did you just customize a premium WordPress Theme?
  • What do you think has most contributed to your success online?
  • If you were starting out again as a solo on a limited budget, would you do your website yourself or hire someone?

That’s pretty much it – deadline for entries/nominations will be next Friday, October 25th at 5:00 pm EST.  You can send me an email to jim [at] legalmarketingmadeeasy [dot] com with your nomination or entry.

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