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My journey into the world of law firm podcasting

My journey into the world of law firm podcasting began today, and I’m super psyched. All I did was purchase a mic off Amazon, (affiliate link – it got fantastic reviews on Amazon, and the price is right), but it is exciting none-the-less.  Buying equipment can be a great motivator and first step towards taking […]

Legal Marketing – Lessons from my doctor

Legal marketing and doctors don’t typically mix. Put another way, you wouldn’t think that your doctor would be the one to give you legal marketing advice, and you would be correct. I went to see my doctor this morning for my annual physical (I’m very healthy, thank you very much!), and I learned quite a […]

My goals for Legal Marketing Made Easy

In my last post, I talked a lot about my target audience is, specifically, who I want to build this site for. Different people learn in different ways, which is why I want to do more than simple write blog posts for my readers. Right now I’m reading up on how to start a podcast. […]

What do you want out of your law practice?

Before you go any further, before you sign that lease for office space, before you sign up that first client – you must do two things… First, watch the video that follows. Second, you must answer a simple question for yourself. What do you want to gain out of having/owning your own law practice? I’ve […]

Why I started Legal Marketing Made Easy

My name is Jim. I’m a lawyer who actually practices law.  I own and operate a divorce and family law practice in Cary, North Carolina. With this first post, I want to take a minute and tell you a little bit about my journey as a lawyer and why I have launched this site. My […]