Legal Marketing Mistakes – #6 Not marketing at all

This is the first in a six part series covering legal marketing mistakes that lawyers make when starting a law firm. I originally wanted to share only the “biggest” mistake that lawyers make, but quickly realized that there are just too many mistakes happening and that I would never be able to write about them […]

Web Profile of Chris Small, the Traffic Ticket king of Seattle (and DUI Guy too)

Last week, I requested nominations of a young attorney that built their own website using WordPress. I had five criteria that I used to weed out the entries. I did receive a number of replies, and I appreciate the input of everyone that emailed me. However, there was only one candidate that met the 5 […]

What are your goals for starting a law practice?

You may wonder why I’m asking you what are your goals for starting a law practice. One of my favorite quotes from Alice In Wonderland pretty much sums this up: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” […]

The Average of Five Rule and your Law Practice

“What is the “Average of Five Rule? Coined by motivational speaker Jim Rohn, the Average of Five Rule says that you are the average of the five people you hang out with most. What does this have to do with starting and building a law practice? Everything. Make a list of the five people you […]

Calling for Nominations!

I’m looking to profile five young attorneys on this blog in a future post.  Here are my requirements: They must be a solo attorney or a member of a small law firm; They must have a website that was launched on WordPress; They must have drafted the majority of the content for the website; They […]

How much does it cost to start a law firm?

How much does it cost to start a law firm you ask? Not as much as you might have thought.  If you want to have your own law practice, don’t let the fear of what it will cost to start a law firm stop you.  It does cost money – just not as much as […]

How to fire a problem client in your law practice

Today I had to fire a problem client. It wasn’t fun. It pretty much sucked. I hate doing it – the potential backlash is scary. Will the client complain to the bar about me? Will they request a refund of all fees paid? Will they slam me and my firm on social media or on […]

Starting a Law Firm? 6 hurdles you may (probably will) have to cross

If you are thinking about starting a law firm, you need to prepare yourself for some obstacles and hurdles that are going to come up along the way. Here is a quick and dirty list of the 6 main hurdles that I (and probably most other lawyers) faced when I started my first solo law […]

Why you must market your law firm, even when you don’t want to

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again – legal marketing isn’t easy. You have to work at it on a daily basis. Back in 2006 or so when I was first starting my solo practice, I remember this cycle. Market really hard to bring in new clients. Get new clients and get […]

Google Hummingbird Update – What you need to know for your law firm SEO efforts

The Google Hummingbird Update came out a couple of weeks ago.  One of the primary ways that most attorneys attract and get clients is through their website. As such, you must constantly stay on top of your SEO efforts and how changes to Google’s search algorithm may impact your web traffic. If you are anything […]