LMME 047 : How to Build your Brand Online

Several days ago, I wrote a detailed article entitled “How to Start a Law Firm Blog“.  In today’s episode, I’m going to give a quick run-down of all the material covered in that podcast, and start to show you how to build your brand online – no matter where you are in your legal career. […]

LMME 046 : 5 Mental Roadblocks that are Keeping you from True Success

Today’s episode is a little different from normal.  Today we will discuss mindset issues. Specifically, we are going to address, head-on, the 5 major mental roadblocks that are keeping you from realizing true success in your law firm. Enjoy! Right click here to download the mp3

LMME 045 : 6 ways to Systematize your Law Practice to Make you More Money

I had a great week this week, and it was all because of systems.  Systems are what make some law firms tremendously successful, while others stagnate in mediocrity.  In today’s podcast, I’m going to share with you 6 systems that you can start to implement immediately to make your law practice more profitable and successful. […]

3 Things you can do when you are having a “blah” day

Have You Ever Had One of “Those Days”? You know what I’m talking about.  You get up, go through your normal morning routine, head to the office, and then… Blah. You just don’t feel like working. It happens to everyone.  It happens to me. It might hit first thing in the morning, or perhaps when […]

LMME 044 : 7 Ways to Differentiate Your Law Firm from your Competition

Today I wanted to talk about 7 ways to differentiate your law firm from your competition.  There are a lot of golden nuggets in this podcast, and so many ways to separate yourself.  Most lawyers just flat-out ignore this checklist that would otherwise provide them with a competitive advantage in their local market.  Hopefully, you won’t! […]

LMME 043 : California Trial Lawyer of the Year Mitch Jackson is an expert communicator and networker

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Mitch Jackson, a California trial lawyer.  Mitch has owned his own firm for the past 28 years and is a tremendous networker and communicator.  Working with his wife (as his law partner), Mitch has created a practice that allows him the flexibility to work with the clients he […]

Did you make this HUGE mistake when starting your law firm?

LMME 042 : Gordon Firemark, Entertainment Lawyer and Podcaster

In today’s podcast, I have the pleasure of interviewing Gordon Firemark,  an attorney who limits his practice to the representation of creative and business people in the fields of theater, film, television and new media.  As an “entertainment lawyer”, Gordon is also the producer and host of the Entertainment Law Update Podcast, and the author of The Podcast, Blog and […]

LMME 041 : Hey Lawyers… Does Branding = Bullshit?

Yes, you heard that right – does branding = bullshit?  If you are a lawyer, you should be paying attention to this podcast, as I will be discussing why I believe that branding is bullshit (thank you Joe Polish for inspiring this podcast).  I’ll also discuss 4 reasons that we, as lawyers, should ignore branding […]

The 50 Minute Focus Finder (By Dean Jackson)

This is a fantastic video from Dean Jackson of I love Marketing.  If you are trying to find more focused time to work on your law firm, rather than in it, take 50 minutes and watch this video. The 50 Minute Focus Finder from Dean Jackson on Vimeo.