Here’s What Legal Marketing Made Easy Is All About

Swimming with the sharks

I want to show you that you can swim with the sharks… and live to see a better day.

I’m Jim Hart, the founder of Legal Marketing Made Easy, and if you have ever asked yourself:

  • “How can I get more clients?”
  • “How can I take control of my law firm, rather than allowing it to control me?”
  • “How can I find more clients that I actually enjoy working with?”
  • “How can I position myself so that prospects will not even hesitate to pay my fees and will not even consider calling another law firm to handle their legal problem?”
  • “How can I find time to take a vacation?”

Or, if you are just starting your law firm and you want to make sure you have the proper foundation in place to build your firm the right way…

… You’re in the right place!

Here’s How Legal Marketing Made Easy
Helps You Build a Better Law Practice… and Take Control of Your Life

I created Legal Marketing Made Easy for lawyers like you. I’ve started a law firm, two in fact. One I voluntarily dissolved so that my Wife and I could move from Florida to North Carolina. After three years, my second law firm is still chugging along nicely.

Legal Marketing Made Easy was not created to sell legal marketing services. That’s not what we are about here. I’m here to give you free information about what I’m doing in my law firm, and how I’m marketing my law practice so that you can learn from my mistakes. I want you to have the information you need so that you can implement ethical and effective marketing strategies in your law practice – immediately.

I will also post reviews of products and services that I use on a regular basis to help my law firm. If I write about something that I don’t use, I will let you know that I don’t use it – but it comes highly recommended.

In return, I only ask one thing…

If you read about something here and decide to purchase that product, please use my link. Most of the links are affiliate links, which means that I will receive a small commission if you purchase the product. That’s how I will keep everything else on this website free. I promise not to recommend products that suck.

Sorry, I’m going to ask for one other thing too…

I really want to build a Legal Marketing Made Easy community. To do that, there needs to be some give and take. I’ve created a Facebook page, a Google+ page, and a twitter account for this site. Please take a minute to follow me on one of those sites.I want for you to engage with me.

Ask me your questions. Post a response to one of my articles or blog posts. I will respond to everything. I want to know what information you find most helpful so that I can continue to provide you with meaningful, useful content on issues that you care about.

legal marketing made easy

Target with two kids… it doesn’t get much harder than that…

You’re busy – I know this because I’m you. We both have clients that are demanding our attention. We have court deadlines. We have meetings. You may also have kids and a family.

Juggling all of these responsibilities is a never-ending cycle of putting out fires. You are tired. You don’t get enough sleep. You don’t exercise enough. You’re not making enough money.

I know how tough this can be.

If this all sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

Here’s what you are going to get from Legal Marketing Made Easy… Tips about Legal marketing in general, time management tips, hints on what legal software to use, practice management tips, insights into the mistakes I’ve made and what I’m doing right now in my law practice. And that’s just the tip of the iceburg.

Here’s what you are NOT going to get from Legal Marketing Made Easy. A quick and simple blueprint to creating the law firm of your dreams. Contrary to the name of this website, Legal Marketing is not easy – but I’m going to dumb it down (i.e. “make it easy”) as much as I can so that you will take away the basics on this website. If you implement the tips and strategies I write about here, you will see improvement in your bottom line. You will get more clients and you will spend less time working on your law firm.

The strategies I discuss are nothing new to the legal marketing blogosphere. But this may be the first time you are being exposed to these ideas. I encourage you to keep an open mind and keep working on your law practice. If you spend the time, you will see results. If you read this and then do nothing, don’t expect a whole lot of changes in your law practice.

About Me

About Legal Marketing Made Easy

Stuffy Law Firm Photo…

I’m a lawyer, a Dad, a Husband (not necessarily in that order). I like legal marketing and talking about practice management with other lawyers. I’m licensed to practice law in North Carolina (where I currently have a practice) and Florida. My primary practice area is family law and divorce. Click here if you want to visit my law firm’s website.

I like to write – a lot. It’s my one big thing. I try to devote time everyday to writing, whether it’s working on my new book about divorce, this website, or posting articles and blog posts to my divorce website, I do a lot of writing.

Legal Marketing Made Easy

My wife and I leaving for our honeymoon…

I like spending time with my wife and children. I’ve got two beautiful kids. I may write about them from time to time. It’s amazing the things that kids can teach us about legal marketing – you just have to be watching for it.

Right now (although this may soon change), I’m doing all the work on this blog and my law firm website by myself. I’m a testament to showing you that building a website is not a difficult thing to do, nor does it have to be complicated. Don’t be afraid – you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars when you start your law firm on a web designer.

I read a lot of books about marketing. I’ll post about them on this blog. I also listen to a lot of marketing podcasts. I’m getting set to launch my own law firm marketing podcast. I will certainly be blogging about that when it happens.

I want to see you succeed. If you really want to know, that is the biggest reason why I started Legal Marketing Made Easy. I’ve seen too many young lawyers that just have no idea what they are doing from a marketing standpoint – or they think they do because they learned what they know from an older lawyer who really doesn’t know what they are doing either.

So dive in. Join the Legal Marketing Made Easy community. I’ve got a whole lot of ideas planned for this website, and it all revolves around you and what is most going to help you be successful.

And if you are ever in Raleigh or Cary, North Carolina, let me know so we can meet up for coffee or lunch.