LMME 002: 6 Hurdles and fears that I had when I started my law practice and how I overcame them

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hurdles and fears of starting a law firmIn this episode, I talk about the 6 major hurdles and fears that I had when I first started my law practice in Florida back in 2005.  It’s my hope that after listening to this episode, you’ll have a better understanding of some of the struggles that I went through to get to where I’m at today. Starting and building a law practice is not easy, you will definitely run into some hurdles and struggles along the way.  But my hope is that you can learn from my experiences and fears, have confidence that you are not alone with these fears, and work towards conquering them so that you can build a better law practice.

“Procrastination is a cake with many layers.”
– Pete Williams, Preneurcast Podcast


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Items Mentioned in the Podcast

In this particular episode, you will learn:

  • 6 Hurdles I encountered when I first started my law practice and how I overcame them
  • The planning that went into starting my law firm
  • How I got my first client
  • Financial advice for a young lawyer starting a law firm
  • How to handle your fear of failure
  • Why it is important to be decisive
  • How I use Sanebox to be more productive

Action Items

  1. Follow Legal Marketing Made Easy on Twitter
  2. Do at least one thing, everyday, to market your law practice

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